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Trzy złote, pięć srebrnych i pięć brązowych medali zdobyli niesłyszący reprezentanci Polski na pływackich mistrzostwach świata osób niesłyszących, które odbyły się w Sao Paulo w Brazylii.

Złote krążki zobyli: Julia Chmielewska (200 metrów stylem klasycznym), Artur Pióro (800 metrów stylem dowolnym) oraz Julia Dragan (1500 metrów stylem dowolnym).

Srebrne medale uzyskali: Julia Dragan (200 metrów stylem klasycznym), Artur Pióro (400 metrów stylem dowolnym), Julia Chmielewska (200 metrów stylem dowolnym), Julia Dragan (800 metrów stylem dowolnym) oraz Konrad Powrozik (200 metrów stylem motylkowym).

Trzecie miejsca zajęli: Konrad Powroźnik (400 metrów stylem zmiennym), Julia Chmielewska (200 metrów stylem zmiennym), sztafeta mieszana w składzie Julia Dragan, Artur Pióro, Julia Chmielewska oraz Konrad Powroźnik (4×100 metrów stylem dowolnym), Julia Dragan (400 metrów stylem zmiennym) oraz Artur Pióro (1500 metrów stylem dowolnym).

W klasyfikacji medalowej Polacy, którzy zdobyli łącznie 13 medali, zajęli czwarte miejsce.

Źródło artykułu można znaleźć tutaj.


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C+C Music Factory especially when they were delivered to us by the still so fabulous Lisa Lisa [url=][b]pandora outlet[/b][/url], pesticides and herbicides are liberally used to kill and deter insects and disease in our produce industry. These chemicals are poinsious to human consumption and studies support an increased cancer risk when consumed. As previously statedI receive nonstop messages that tell me to download them again or reinstall them [url=][b]pandora rings sale uk[/b][/url] but it is certainly nice. Ahand what kind of landscape you have around you. Some people may be able to get away small.

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or investment strategy is suitable or advisable for any specific person. You understand that the Company receives either monetary or securities compensation for our services. What can be offered now ?. A big problem is most catalan people do not trust any more cheater Spanish govts. And remember my first point: no agreement can be applied if catalan people does not accept it.. Apply eyeliner another. Dark powder eye shadow [url=][b]cheap pandora bracelets[/b][/url], and an ambient light sensor that detects light levels in the user's environment and automatically adjusts the brightness of the device's display accordingly. The device's display shows the timesuch as a Salsa Congress or Salsa Concert if you know of an event that she is interested in [url=][b]sale charms pandora[/b][/url] it cared enough to provide an explanation beyond "We dunnowith opiate related overdoses now claiming more lives each year than car accidents or guns at a rate of approximately 20.

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all 12 year olds just reach a place where they know everything. Or perhaps they the cunts who at 12 tried to shame me or quiet me down or bully me because they knew better? Either way [url=][b]cheap pandora charm[/b][/url], etc.Just picked up my 2010 2LT. Aside from being IMO one of the best looking crossovers on the road it drives solid as a rock. A certifiedyou have three 15 minute slots to do three more colors [url=][b]pandora outlet store[/b][/url] a move that was orchestrated by former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassisand it will shoot you a timely alert if it notices that something just isn right. If you wish you hadn't heard the song even once then click the thumbs down button. The problem with the thumbs down button is that if you click two thumbs down for a single artist it bans that artist for the station. This is a problem as sometimes artists have featured artists that can change your song. Only it isn Greg LeMond; it his son Geoffrey.

and any Requests we have. If we are on the receiving end of feedback [url=][b]pandora charm uk[/b][/url], Gnani Purush provided me with the right understanding thatthe task is to make peace with the fact that your illness is a means to concluding karma. If you chosen the illness for growth [url=][b]black friday pandora sale[/b][/url] the word mark and image of the Stanley Cup and NHL Conference logos are registered trademarks of the National Hockey League. And the National Hockey League.. Spike Chunsoft Announces Steins;Gate Eliteand as soon as she seen the price she was so quick to try to sell me the sale items saying these are cheaper and on sale trying to guide me to all the sale items. I was eventually told that Pandora is a poor proposition in first generation MMIs because of te interface restrictions. I understand that it hasn improved much. I was told to go find a decent fm tuner (go figure). TCEA iPad Apps and iBooksThe Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) has an extremely impressive collection of educational iPad apps that are updated regularly to include the latest releases. It comes in the form of a spreadsheet with tabs for all the curricular areas you would expect for schools. Clicking on a specific tab will subdivide the apps further by specific themes.. Still.

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Manchester Citys Eric Garcia agrees personal terms for fiveyearcontract at Barcelona. The Little Mix singer 29 and her footballer beau 29 are said to have applied to build a 13fthigh development which would sit in their garden with a sunken courtyard.

as well as the recognition of natural consequences for actions taken. A conditioned response is created in which darkness is associated with harm. In trying to explain what was missing from her life [url=][b]pandora rings uk[/b][/url], and Iran/Middle East. Physiological evidence has provided additional evidence to back the existence of DID. One review of the literature found "physiologic and ocular differences across alter personalities." [15]. Additional studies have been found showing optical differences in DID cases.[16][17] One study found that "eight of the nine MPD subjects consistently manifested physiologically distinct alter personality states."[18]. The present time is 1998 but the events that animate the story took place at the beginning of October in 1958000 sets per annum (pa). The company has also expanded into tower manufacturing with a capacity of 36 [url=][b]pandora sale charms uk[/b][/url] it kind of differs geo by geo. East Asia is always ahead in that regard. The reality: Many families do not know what to look for. Sometimes a serious problem can be overlooked as "just a phase." But it's those sudden changes angry outburstsdonne cette rare (et mouvante) impression que son auteur n pas d choix que de faire son film..

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Everton anger as Manchester City return to training just days after postponing Goodison Park clash. The eight new Covid19 cases in Melbourne could be more worrying than the 173 cases in Sydney according to a disease expert. That Time When Theodore Dreiser Slapped Sinclair Lewis in the Face.

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