{Best|Most successful} {period|stage} {came|got on} {coaching|job} Alex Ferguson. {Team|Club} {won|managed to win} {many|different} {prestigious|famous} {titles|awards}. {While|At the moment} {about the past|about the past} glory {has|remains} {only|only} {dreaming|remembering}. {However|But} {Manchester United|Red Devils} still {could|be able to} {show|demonstrate} {good play|excellent football}.{"Old Signora"| {"Juventus"} {appeared|originated} in 1897. {Club|Roster} {considered|became} {most|most} {titled|successful}. About {achievements|awards} {you can talk | it will be possible to talk} {long|hours}. {In 2012|In the early 2010s} the {team|club} was {recognised|named} as the {most|most} {famous|famous} {in Italy|among Italians}. [url=https://betwinnermobil.com]betwinner mobi[/url] "Real Madrid" originated in 1902. After 18 years of existence team gave title royal.3. Tactics of action.